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Understanding Introversion
The people in this world live with diversified characteristics and behaviors, and it depends on the place they live in, the culture with which they have been brought up, and their family background. Many such factors affect their characters as they grow up in this society. They can either emerge themselves as an introvert or an extrovert.

  • How introverts are interpreted by people?

The general idea which people have about introverts is that they are more shy, prefer less interaction with people, and feel more comfortable with one’s own company. There is a tendency of associating introversion with shyness, which does not prove right always. This article explains about various signs which an introvert person is likely expected to have. Hence, it is important to get a more clear idea about introversion before one can judge himself if he is the one or not. Comfort zone for introvert

  • Comfort zone

These people have preference to stay alone or in a small group, and their interaction remains minimal. They find more energized being in that state, while the extroverts are different. They make sure that they interact with larger group and tend to be more socialized. They find it good to be with more people and they feel more energized being with them.

  • Being Introvert

As mentioned earlier, it is important to understand the signs which an introvert person can have. One may think he is an extrovert, but some of the signs which is going to be discussed in the article can make him rethink about his character. It is likely that many people who were thinking to be an extrovert would consider themselves to be an introvert in the end of the article!

  • Signs that one can be an introvert  

Being IntrovertCrowds are stressful
These people do not find the crowded areas very comfortable. They do not prefer to attend any concerts, sports arenas, rallies, and conferences, all of them being crowded places. Rather, they would prefer places where they can isolate themselves from large people.

Meeting new people is not exciting
They do not feel very excited about making new friends, and their conversation would be constrained. But it does not mean that they do not make new friends, though they are very selective. They do not maintain a full conversational talks with new people they meet.

Crowds are stressfulAble to deliver talks, but not beyond that
They are confident about giving speeches in the public speakings and they can deliver it very well, but they do not involve in conversations after that. That is, they do perform talks at the time they are to perform, but do not continue to do once it is done. One can say that they do perform a great wedding toast, but they do not prefer to mingle in reception.

Having friends who are extroverts
It is well known that opposite poles attract each other. Likewise, the introverts tend to have friends who are extroverts in nature. Their friendship maintains have a balance between them. The introverts can see from their extroverts friends about how one should be still more interactive and the extroverts can learn how they can benefit from being quite at times, from their counterparts.

Interviews aren’t favorite ones
Though the introverts can perform well in the interviews they attend, there is some nervousness in the beginning. Once they start taking up the interview, they are great at them.

Loyalty towards people
It is natural for them to be loyal and honest because of their character. Their energy comes from themselves and they are not influenced by others. So, this makes them easy to be loyal and honest with their friends.

Doing nothing makes them re-energized
For regaining energy, they prefer to be quite and remain idle doing nothing, which is not the case with extroverts. The extroverts keep doing things and always try to keep them engaged. The introverts find a great deal of relaxation by doing nothing and re-energize themselves.

Trusting others is not easyReplying to friend’s messages at one’s own pace
They do not show any hurry in replying messages they got from their friends. They do not keep the phones with them always and prefer to reply at their own pace. They reply to the texts only when they read and respond at that time.

Trusting others is not easy
These people do not take up friends easily, unlike the extroverts. They take more time before taking up an individual as a friend, as it is difficult to find people who can understand their introverted nature.

Prefer writing
They write more and they find it helpful in connecting themselves. Writing makes them more engaged and they choose writing as their career.

Being Courteous
They are more concerned about the surrounding and give attention to small details. This makes them a good host and people prefer having such individuals around.

Planning ahead
They are good at implementing things as they plan well ahead of time. They want to be ensured about things going smoothly without any issues.

Being matured
Even at a younger age, these people are viewed as matured and wise. The introversion of the individuals makes them more wiser than their counterparts.

Being decisive
These people are clear about their preferences and do not allow others to influence them. It is not that they disrespect them, it only mean that they are more aware about their needs without any ambiguity.

Balancing between being themselves and socializing
Opposed to their nature, they try to interact with people, without affecting their individuality, that is, they maintain a balance between both. This gives them opportunity to have some fun without affecting their introversion.

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