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Who would have thought that simple NASA student balloon experiment would end up with capturing so called ‘alien sounds’ (infrasound) 22 MILES above Earth! This is first acoustic recordings in stratosphere for last 50 years.

A graduate student – Daniel Bowman, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is the designer of this balloon experiment which recorded sounds of frequencies below 20 hertz, now this type of infrasound is below human hearing range, but with computer edition we can hear it. In his interview to Live Science Daniel said: “It sounds kind of like ‘The X-Files,'”, I guess if you will listen to this mysterious sounds yourself you will find similarities as well.

These unexplained hisses and whistles were recorded at the edge of space and scientists still have no idea what could have caused this phenomena, currently their best guess is that it is: crashing ocean waves, wind turbulence, electromagnetic resonance, etc. But, to be honest none of these explanations have strong arguments behind them.

Preview of sound wavesMain thing what makes it really hard to find origins of this mysterious sound is the fact that infrasound is able to travel extremely large distances.

Could it be that this infrasound was caused by some natural Earth phenomena? Or maybe it is some alien signal which needs to be decoded?

One way or another it looks like this experiment has captured attention of many scientists, NASA is now planning to send another experimental balloon device to record more of these strange noises later this year.

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