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Most people have a tendency to notice a set of recurring numbers a couple of times in their lives. Repeating numbers do catch the eye – they’re visually pleasing and their occurrence does make people wonder if they do hold a deeper and underlying meaning. Uniform and neat, repeating numbers are actually a sign that the universe is trying to communicate with an individual – maybe to shift your attention right back to the path that you should take in life.

The mystery surrounding repeating numbers is explained by the concept of synchronicity, which is the random occurrence of unrelated things at the same time or around similar situations. Maybe every time you look at your clock you happen to see it’s 4:44, or 2:22. These recurrences are sometimes explained as a way for spiritual guides or angels to communicate a particular message to you, depending on which set of numbers that you always happen to see.

In the science of numerology, different repeating numbers do have their own meaning. Below is an explanation of why some of these numbers may be recurring in your life.

Repeating 1s: It's Time To Wake Up

Repeating 1s

: It’s Time To Wake Up
The number one represents the male force in the tarot. It’s about self-expression and seeing a set of repeating one’s is an indication that you should be prepared to take the lead. Repeating 1s are a wake up call in life and they signify the act of taking initiative and showing courage when acting on your instincts. It could also be a confirmation from the universe that you’re taking the right direction in life. On the other hand, a set of repeating one’s could be a sign that you’re doing everything wrong and going against your instincts. In this case, you should stop in your tracks, reevaluate your situation and follow what your gut is telling you.

Repeating 2s: The Number Of Partnerships

Repeating 2s

: The Number Of Partnerships
The number 2 is a symbol of balance, and is associated with feminine energy in the tarot. With regard to partnerships, one should always seek to achieve a sense of balance – give as much as you take in order to have healthy relationships. In astrology, the second house is what rules our values, and the recurrence of this number could signify a reminder to stay true to yourself and not to be afraid to voice your opinions. Seeing as it is the number that represents relationships, this could be beneficial as being authentic is what draws the right type of people into your life.

Repeating 2s could also be the universe trying to tell you to start paying close attention to those who come into your life, and maybe you should also try and put yourself out there – start forming new connections and reconnecting with your old friends in order to fulfill a balance in your life.

Repeating 3s: Balance Of Self

Repeating 3s

: Balance Of Self
The number three represents the trinity of an individual’s being – mind, body and soul. Seeing a set of three’s could be a confirmation from the universe that all these areas in your life are aligned and that you are fulfilled. On the other hand, it may be a red light telling you that something could be completely out of balance and needs to be fixed. Maybe you have been working too hard and have lost touch with people. This may be the time for you to go out there and establish new friendships or revive the old ones.

In astrology, the number three governs the art of communication and motion. The universe may be trying to tell you start being more open-minded and social rather than keeping to yourself. Start paying more attention to others in order to have a more balanced life.

Sometimes it could also mean that you’re probably not paying attention to yourself because you’re too busy focusing on your external environment instead of nourishing your inner self. Things may be great at work and you may be a social butterfly but something seems to be missing. The best way to handle this situation would be to start being grateful for everything that you have.

Repeating 4s: The Number Of Stability

Repeating 4s

: The Number Of Stability
In the tarot, the number 4 represents the wise, authoritative and protective father figure. Seeing a repeating set of four’s may be calling you into the role of protector and provider for those in your inner circle. You should also start paying more attention to those closest to you, particularly your family, if you haven’t been in touch with them for a while.

Repeating 4s could also be telling you to look back into your past at some of the life lessons that you may have forgotten and could prove useful in your present life. Remember where you came from and reconnect with your family and your home. Don’t abandon your roots as they are what holds the whole tree firmly in place.

Repeating 5s: A Representation Of Challenge And Change

Repeating 5s

: A Representation Of Challenge And Change
In the tarot, the number five is a symbol of the voice of reason and wisdom. In astrology however, it represents passion and a sense of lack of fulfillment. It’s an unbalanced number in numerology, and it’s recurrence should be a sign for you to start being cautious about your actions because a number of challenges are headed your way. Seeing a set of five’s is a sign from the cosmos that is probably telling you to prepare for some serious changes in your life. This may be intimidating but challenges should never be feared as they mark the major milestones in one’s life.

On the other hand, the passion that you have may cause you to take up too many risks all for the sake of self expression. In this scenario, you should take things slow and listen to the voice of reason. Ride the storms patiently and cautiously while awaiting to experience the new things that life has to offer.

There are very many different types of repetitive numerical sequences that one may come across during their lifetime. The most important thing is not necessarily to decipher them, but to take note of them. This helps you to pay attention to the here and now, thus raising your level of consciousness and awareness.

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