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Reincarnation is basically the belief that a soul is reborn in another body when one dies which could be a human body or that of an animal. Obviously, you would be hesitant to believe and you are likely to dispute it as a myth. Whether you are willing to believe in this or not, there are some obvious signs that suggest everything in life is just a cycle; for example, the cycle of day and nights, the re-occurrence of seasons, cycling motion of the sun among others. Another practical example is the death of a plant which either releases its seeds and a new plant is grown or the waste is used to germinate another plant. You may have probably had this extraordinary feeling that you have re-lived a certain day or a certain occasion is so familiar and you may have been in the same situation before.

Signs That Life Is A ReincarnationAm sure you must be wondering whether you are a reincarnation and may have been living before in whichever body form. If you are interested in reading further in this article, we shall look at some of the obvious signs that will help you reflect as to whether you are a reincarnation or not. If you happen to experience most of these signs, or perhaps just a few of them, then you must start believing in this “myth” because you are probably a reincarnation. But one thing for sure, if you haven’t experienced any of the signs and you absolutely believe you are not a reincarnation, then you will like everyone and everything else reincarnate when you die. This may also suggest that you are probably a reincarnation of an animal rather than a human being. Here are just some of these signs.

Life is full of lessons

If you entire life has been full of emotional, physical or spiritual lessons; then this is an obvious sign of reincarnation. From a tender age, you may have faced some real life challenges that may have eventually made you strong and able to go through them. If you reflect on this carefully, you may realize that your life has actually been evolving and that is why you are able to make peace with most of the challenges that were difficult to handle before. Ultimately, you may even start viewing challenges as great opportunities to make you strong and this is an obvious sign that pinpoints you reincarnated on purpose basically to evolve as a soul. It also means that you reincarnated to prove to life that you are tougher and can evolve to adopt in every challenge that comes your way.

You have a longing to go back home

If you ever have some bizarre feelings that you do not actually belong in this earth, then this is an obvious sign of reincarnation. In most cases you feel that you are destined for another home, which you may probably refer to as heaven or the spiritual world. This suggests that you have reincarnated enough times and you have learned to embrace the other world as your home. You would agree that most people fear to die, but if you mostly feel extraordinary and do not care whether you die or not; then this is also an obvious sign you are a reincarnation and you believe the “other home” is much better.

I don't belong hereYou aren’t easily fooled

This basically means that if you have a tendency not to believe just any other stories, or you are not susceptible to brain washing, then you are more likely to be a reincarnation. This is because you are re-living life and have learned not to be so naive. In most cases, you can even see through other people and you probably can sense the outcome of something even before it happens. This also suggests that you have faced the same challenge several times to familiarize yourself with it and gain much experience.

Recurring Dreams

Dreams are basically a reflection of the unconscious mind. If you experience repetitive dreams, this may imply past life experience or some unfinished business in the other life. You may have experienced or heard a person claiming that they have gone to familiar places in their dreams which obviously suggests they are probably a reincarnation.

ReincarnationOut – of place memories

You may have experienced out of place memories that ultimately turn out to be accurate or realistic. This is also an implication you have lived before and the memories are just trying to connect.

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, one thing for sure is that there is life after death and our souls continue to live.

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