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What is social anxiety?

Social anxiety is the terror of social circumstances that implicate contact with other people, the fear of being negatively judged, and appraised by other people. You are constantly worrying that you will be embarrassed, offensive to other people and you avoid situations where you are the center of attention. You spend time after a societal situation studying your presentation and recognizing flaws in your exchanges. Imagining the worst conceivable magnitudes from an undesirable experience during a communal anxiety

However, do not be too concerned. With various studies done, there is no proof that social anxiety has to be a negative experience only. With your abilities that you develop through your disorder, you are much more in touch with your surroundings and the events happening around you that you might have considered before. After reading this article, you may even consider your disorder a gift, rather than a social setback. You can consider yourself highly intelligent, with the ability to be off service to others, without realizing it.

Spirituality and social anxiety

During the last number of years, various studies against the concept of spirituality and the partakers thereof, have reach the media, reflecting that people from this segment tend to suffer from anxiety.

Rowan WilliamRowan William published in January 2013; Faith is not an embarrassment, where researchers found that there is growing indication that people who acknowledge spiritual beliefs in the nonattendance of a religious framework are defenseless to mental disorder.

The medical correspondent Stephen Adams published the finding of a study done Professor Michael King, from University College London based on a survey from 7,403 casually selected men and women in England. (Quote)”Our main finding is that people who had a spiritual understanding of life had worse mental health than those with an understanding that was neither religious nor spiritual.”(Unquote)

How does Social anxiety affect intelligence or IQ

As people suffering from social anxiety are more anxious than people not suffering from the disorder. Therefore they are continuously studying their surroundings, noticing things that a normal person would not reflect upon. They are keener on attention to detail, in order for them to avoid situations where they do not feel comfortable. Taking this in consideration, there is no surprise that studies reflect a positive light on the way this disorder affects the emotional intelligence, empathetic ability and IQ levels

A vast number of studies performed testing verbal intelligence, as well IQ levels, confirmed that those who suffered from social and general anxiety disorders scored higher than those who did not. Study results from SUNY Downstate Medical Center in New York.

Prominent Empathetic Abilities

Members of society that suffer from social anxiety are continuously processing and captivating their settings. As they are more attentive than what the average society member is, they are more than likely to notice anything out of order or place.

How does Social anxiety affect intelligence or IQNow, Empathetic abilities means that they have better psychosocial awareness than other world troopers. Through constant scrutinizing the surroundings, they can dynamically project dangers around them that others might not, well at least not straight away. It is required that their brains are intelligent enough to process the information received, and carry out the actions required from it.

Negative Emotion tunneled to higher levels of intelligence

Great levels of anxiety can be paralyzing, but the negative emotion, can have positive responses, for actions required in the scenario it needs to function. Thus the conclusion that this negative emotion contributes to higher levels of intelligence.

People who are able to relate to the height of their capability are able to instinctively, forecast circumstances, which can simply be a benefit in many conditions. Referring back to the beginning, this is where spirituality arises into composition. Higher intellect and a capability to being decidedly instinctive have often been associated with being spiritual and with spirituality, comes much condemnation through absence of understanding.

As further studies are available globally through publication and social media, humanity and the mass media are becoming more empathetic of spirituality as a field and angst as a mental disorder, in that it is beginning to be apparent as less of a difficulty and more of a functioning tool. Therefore, if you are socially anxious, keep this commentary in mind the next spell you have uninvited thoughts and take charge of your reactions and environments.

Anti-social behavior is a trait of intelligence in a world full of conformists

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