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Are You an Old Soul? What It Means and How You Can Tell

old soul

You may probably have heard the phrase “Oh, he is an old soul” when referring to a person. Sometimes people say for a young child that he or she is an old soul. But, what does this mean? Do souls really have an age? famous old soulsIf yes, then how can you tell that someone is an old soul? In the first place, you should know that many wise and famous people were called old souls. Nikola Tesla and Alan Watts have been called as old souls. Nick Jonas and Robert Frost have been called them too. If you believe you are an old soul, but you are not sure, check out the list below.

You are a social outcast
This is probably the number one quality of an old soul. Old souls usually experience a great sense of isolation. Old souls typically fail to fit into the standards that society values and admires, especially when it comes to materialism, careers and status. That’s why they are commonly seen as unconventional and offbeat.

Old soul is the black sheep of the community
Even though old souls can sometimes build strong relationships with people, sometimes they can also create lots of enemies. That said, old souls usually feel an innate desire to be honest and truthful, even if sometimes this means revealing unpleasant and uncomfortable truths and points; such as the fact that many issues are caused by immaturity and irresponsibility. Some people are willing to change and listen to old souls. However, on the other side there are people who will feel great disdain towards an old soul. That’s why old souls often become “the black sheep” of the community.

Lots of books
A true old soul never invest in a Kindle. Old souls read for more than just the words. It’s a process that involves the feel, smell and the heaviness of the book. They like to mark the pages and fill their bookshelves. Of course, this is an expensive hobby. However, a single book is much better than the good bottle of wine.

Old souls tend to think a lot. They tend to think about everything. Their ability to learn from their actions and mistakes is their greatest teacher in life. Probably the main reason why old souls feel so old at heart is because they have learnt so many lessons through their own thought process.

The bigger picture
Old souls tend to look at life from a bird’s eye perspective, seeing what is the most wise and meaningful way to approach life. They rarely get lost in the superficial degrees, boob jobs and big TVs. They confront issues and see them something as temporary. When other peers seem to drown on and on, an old soul is the person who sits back and absorbs all of the data. Listening is where you do the most learning and since you enjoy learning, it always comes easy. People are even impressed with your ability to calmly listen and enjoy talking to you when you are having a hard time.

Old souls speak an entirely different language
Words are symbols we each understand with our own definitions according to our own unique knowledge and life experiences that are usually associated with each word. That said, each person has its own ideas, definitions and understandings of certain words. For example, what you associate with love may be entirely different from what an old soul associate with love. Some may feel a bad sense of vulnerability when the word “love” arises, while others may associate love with friendship and loyalty. Old souls actually realize this limitation and therefore always struggle to express what they truly want to say.

Making friends isn’t an easy task
If making friends who truly connect with you is difficult, then you may be an old soul. For some old souls it takes many years to find a good friend.

Even though old souls have many different qualities, there are some misconceptions about old souls as well.

Old souls are lazy deadbeats
Many old souls do not see eye to eye with their society. Wealth, social statuses and material possessions have no importance to the old soul because they are seen as something transient and only momentarily fulfilling. That’s why old souls do not bother with degrees and continuous debt when life can be lived simply and calmly.

Old souls are asocial misanthropes
Old souls tend to be solitary and loners by nature. They tend to prefer their own company because only in solitude they come to think their best thoughts and write their best works.

Old souls are know-it-alls
Old souls are not know-it-alls, they are born with a matured perspective of life. That said, old souls stay true to their authentic selves.

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