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Life path number 1

life path number 1Life path 1

(10/1, 19/1)

One of the things that everyone that believes in life path number appreciates is that Life Path 1 individuals are known have the type of skills that allows them to become leaders easily. The nature of this group of people is basically charged with an individualistic desire, strong will of personal attainment as well as a high demand for independence.

Military generals, corporate leaders and most political leaders are known to be people of Life Path 1. There are a number of positive traits that a person on Life Path 1 displays; some of the main ones include;

Significantly inspiring;

People of Life path 1 are known to have a significant creative inspiration. This is made a reality by the fact that they posses the type of enthusiasm that can give one the drive to accomplish great deal of tasks.

Good at getting things done.

You are known for initiating new projects and make things start working. Most of the time, your true-self is seen when things are not working out well. You have the ability to confront challenges since your daring and have the strength to deal with them.

You’re an Insanely Determined Personality

Your strength and determination brings you out as a determined individual who has the will and ability to show others the way in spite of the challenges. This determination gives you the flair to take charge of situations naturally. You most of the time find yourself leading even if you do not want to or even when it’s not appropriate for you.

You’re the Description of being authentic / Original.

You are regarded as an innovator/ inventor who is basically highly original. Your talents are easily noticed and appreciated. You turn everything you touch into gold and your independent attitude is noticed all through. At no time will you find yourself following other people’s convictions, since most of the time your personal desires and needs are usually very strong.

No one can deny that you’re an Assertive and Ambitious Individual.

Life Path 1 is associated with people who are naturally ambitious and assertive. In spite of the fact that most of the time you may try to hide your character of being the self centered guy among you peers for social reasons, it is easy to notice that most of the times you always have your way on a number of issues.

You’re easily likable

People most often will want to be around you for no reason. They consider you good company, well natured, friendly and above all a great conversationalist. You are simply a magnet and most people are easily drawn to you. This is a good thing for you considering the fact that you are the type of person that is usually very reactive to any form of disapproval and the fact that you are never at a position to handle such a situation well.

The Negative side of Life Path 1

No one can run away from their dark side. Not even Life path 1 individuals who are considered innovative. Despite the fact that Life path 1 individuals are mainly considered to be excellent leaders, they are on the other hand treble followers.

This is negative in the sense that not every time in life will you have to be a leader. You at some point have to be led and this can turn out to be a terrible experience for you. Its worth noting that the demeanor of life path 1 person may at times appear to be extremely dependent instead of independent especially during the early years .

Life path 1 persons are likely to experience this negative side of their personality. One is likely to be very dissatisfied with them and the long for self-sufficiency keeps on growing each day. The general advise to 1 life path persons is to deal with the negative curve of being self serving, egotistical and selfish by avoiding a situation where one acts demanding and bossy.

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