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Life path number 2

Life path number 2Life Path 2

(11/2, 20/2)

The society needs people of Life Path 2. This is because, it is believed and proved that most of these individual were born with a spiritual quality that allows them to be peacemakers in the society. The greatest of all their strengths is their ability to listen and then absorb. The life path 2 individuals are considered to be;

The Best Fixers/ Mediators.

You are considered the diplomatic type who can use persuasive skills that you posses to make the world a better place instead of using force and other destructive strategies.

The Rare Spiritual Type.

The moment that you show this side of yourself to people, you are immediately viewed as an idealistic and an Avant-grade, a person that is intuitive and a visionary of the society. All these extremes in your character make you an interesting character in the society who has a lot to offer to the world.

You’re a Deep Thinker.

Everything that you say or write is considered thoughtful. You are likely not to rest till you have a clear understanding of life mysteries. This is because; at no time are you interested in seeing things at face value. You always want to evaluate situation and take your time to think of your actions as well as the people you are dealing with.

Fair and Balanced.

These two aspects make you the person that you are, a mediator. To be one and to gain the trust of people then it’s important that you character is viewed as truly fair and balanced. 2 life path individuals are considered to have the ability to view the complete spectrum of the viewpoints in all forms of argument or situations. You are always honest and open to listen to different opinions and in the most unbiased way come up with solutions to disputes. People are likely to easily agree with you since you are honest and always open in words, deeds and thoughts.

Master of Compromise

You are considered by your peers as the person that can keep people calm as well as blend people effectively. With you ability to compromise on a number of things and occasions, you’re able to maintain harmonious environment everywhere you go.

You’re a Creature of Habit and Routine.

Life Path 2 persons are considered to prefer things done in order and perfection and are always aware of their pattern and path. You always demand perfection and accuracy in all your endeavors. Despite the fact that you may not always be considered as a leader, it’s always worth appreciating that you are considered a visionary and a person with a full pool of ideas.

The Dark Side of Life path 2

Life Path 2 Persons have their negative side too. Negative energy is usually their main undoing. As a result of this most of the time you may turn out to be someone who seems like a zealot in terms of expressing likes as well as dislikes. This nervous tension is known to at times bring 2 life path persons to a state of emotional outrage. This makes people that are around you to consider you as a person who is out of his character.

Twos are known to be at times indecisive. You at time can find it hard to decide what you should do; this may at times cause a problem in your strength as a mediator.

Lastly 2 life persons harbor feelings of uneasiness as well as dissatisfaction with ones accomplishments and to some extent even personal progress in life. Passivity is one of the biggest obstacles that you may have to deal with this is not to mention apathy, pessimism and lethargy.

Generally, 2 Life Path persons often prefer a less competitive environment. They will most, often shun the business world. Through utilizing your skills in guidance and counseling, you can always bring change to the world. This is because you are generally a person who is a humanitarian in nature and people oriented.

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