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Life path number 3

Life path number 3Life Path 3


For people who boarded this ship on a Life Path 3, it means that such an individual is highly creative and one has amazing skills in communication. You are likely to have achieved lots of success all thanks to your excellent communication. Some of the main outstanding traits of a 3 Life Path person include;

Great speaker and Writer.

You are known for your masterpieces may it be when you write a script or speak in front of people. You are highly regarded as an entertainer and you most often will sparkle people with the creativeness in your script or speech.

Not Worried about Money.

You live life to the fullest today and are never worried of what happens in the future. When it comes to money, you spend it all when you have it and don’t spend when you do not have. This makes you a poor handler of money.

You’re a Social Magnet.

3 Life Path persons are social magnets in that these individuals are able to easily connect with people. Most people consider them social, open and nice people to have a conversation with. They can speak when they have to and listen carefully when they have too. Most of time, speaking to them, makes you feel like it’s the best conversation that you have ever had. You are easily considered welcoming and often make other people get the feeling of being at home.

The Remote side of Life Path 3 Persons.

3 Life Path are known to be very sensitive souls. Once hurt, one is likely to be highly disturbed emotionally to a level that one end up in isolation. However, the 3 is always known to learn how to cope with set backs over a certain period of time after facing challenges and will quickly learn how to bounce back. All this is possible thanks to Life path 3 individual ability to accept situations and not letting challenges bury them in a pit. The fact that 3’s are usually sensitive when hurt, they most of the time they will forget about themselves and take care of other people feelings and interest just to ensure that the emotions and feelings of other people is not hurt.

When the 3 is in Love.

Life Path 3 Individuals are known to be loyal and ardent lovers when it comes to the romantic parts of their lives. However, there bitter part of this is the fact that; in the unfortunate event that the love affair doesn’t go as one expects, then one is likely to be severely hurt and this leaves scars and scares that seems to always come around. Emotions of any form are likely to deeply affect the 3 and the drama that is associated with it may not end any time soon. Often, the 3 attract partners that are known to be highly demanding. Unlike most of the other thing in the life of 3, finding a balance to relationship is usually an illusive thing.

If you are of life path 3, you will most often find that the highs and lows are usually hard to control. You most often will find it hard to survive in routine environment or in the event that you are placed under a management that is very controlling.

Slow thinkers as well as people who take a lot of time contemplating on issues will annoy and easily frustrate you and you will rarely want to work with these type of people. However, by being exuberant you can really reach great heights if you only focus your talents and energies to the things that matter.

The dark part of those living on this side of life path is that one may be overexcited by the joy of living to an extent that ones life becomes superficial and frivolous. You at times may even misuses your abilities by scattering them while you express little or no sense of purpose. The 3 can easily become an enigma, and without any reason one may at times become moody. You at times may find it difficult to settle and at times escapist tendencies may be observed. It’s wise for Life Path 3 persons to guard themselves from being; impatient, intolerant, critical of others or overly optimistic.

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