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Life path number 4

Life path number 4Life Path 4

(4, 13/4,22/4, 31/4, 40/4)

People that are of Life Path 3 are known as fixers, builders and individuals who are naturally planning geniuses. If your one of them, it is likely that you have this extraordinary talent of making things easy to work out and with a lot of excellence. You also happen to be one of those people that are known to be down to earth while at the same time are genuine and trustworthy. You simply are a society builder if you happen to be among the cream in this life path. Those among this group have certain unique traits like;

You’re idealistic In Nature. 

4 life persons are known be full of ideas. For those that are determined and bold enough to work hard for their ideas to see the light of the day, they have a huge success of attracting success and becoming famous all over the world.

Simply Humble.

The people who enter this plane are known to take orders as well as carry them out with dedication and maximum perseverance. Most of the 4s are known to live as well as work happily in this context. It is easy to observe that a number of the entrepreneurs as well as managers are of the 4th life path who demand more from themselves as well as from other people.

Enormous will and you are a pair.

A number of people will mistake your will and power for stubbornness. Your speech that is so direct makes you come out as a person that is absolutely unremitting. The decisions that you find yourself making do not go to waste, instead they are followed until they bring out something that is tangible. The will that you have in seeing your plans and ideas put into action are described as an obsession.

Excellent Organizer.

The fact that you can view things in a practical and common sense way makes you an excellent planner and organizer. Your desire for excellence makes you work as a perfectionist in all your endeavors to ensure that the tasks you carry out are absolutely free from any form of errors. There have even been arguments in some circles that it is highly likely that a person of life path 4 actually invented what is today known as a “to do list”. This is because individual who fall into this group have lives that are well programed.

Loyal and Devoted.

It’s easy to observe that you are a good provider who is all devoted to ensure that certain things in your life like marriage works out. You may not have a long list of friends but the few that you have are usually very close to you and will often last a lifetime.

You’re considered as someone who is Reliable.

You happen to be one of the most dependable people. In the event that people were ranked with reliability as the only parameter, it is highly likely that you will be the ultimate winner. People will most often call you and expect you to take care of others. Despite the fact that doing this may cause you trouble, it also may be a key contributor to your reputation and accomplishment.

The dark side of Life Path 4 is that individuals in this Life Path can at times be narrow minded, repressive and dogmatic. You at times fail to keep your feelings to yourself. Sadly, the other negative of 4 is that individuals in this group have a tendency to always miss out on the important life opportunities that only come once in a lifetime just because one direct their energies to daily activities that may not be so critical.

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