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Life path number 5

Life path number 5Life path 5


People who belong to this category are after changing the world to make it a better place. They strive and do what it takes to make it a reality. These people posses the following characteristic;

Freedom fighters

Life path 5 people are after changing the world through freedom. They always want to be free and can do anything to see total freedom prevailing in their lives. They can go extra miles to being adventurous, versatile or can go the weird way to get freedom in their hands. These people do this trying to answer questions such as; how? And why? People of life path 5 have a skeptical mind and are always after answering these questions.

Humane By Nature

Care for other people is the one thing that rings in your mind. People under this life path are human by nature. They have within them a lot of compassion and concern for other people. Their concern is seeing their fellow men free from suffering or any bondage. This trait is possessed by great leaders of the world like President Abraham Lincoln who saved America from slavery. People under path 5 can do anything beyond their ability to help their fellow men. Out of compassion they mostly go beyond their authority to save his fellow men.

Excellent Orators.

Life path 5 people have good communication skills. This skill is inborn and it’s their greatest strength. They are able to pass on a message to others and convince them without much strain. These people are always able to motivate those around them with ease making them likeable and good consultants.

Apart form this, they are able to attract and easily draw people to them. This characteristic is a great advantage because people under this category can make friendship easily and these friendship enhances their lifestyle as well. Those they approach become staunch to what they tell them and easily belief in them. People under this category naturally become salespersons since they have the power and a natural ability to convince people.

Always Focused

This character is seen in people under this category since they are the kind that only live for today without worrying what tomorrow brings. Life path 5 members mostly never go for permanent jobs but take what life brings in their hands each day and handle it. No matter how complex a problem may seems to be, they are able to handle it, analyses it and move ahead to something else.
They are the best to deal with, since they are able explore things and situations fully and give their all into something for the best results. They have “it’s now or never” mentality.

Adventurous personalities

5’s are naturally adventurous which may be seen mentally or physically. In pursuit of their dreams, they go extra miles to reach their destiny. Traveling is their hobby in order to learn more and discover better. They are naturally risk takers to an extent of risking their lives and resources too achieve what they want.

In relationships, they hate being restricted or tied from doing what they want. People in this category love it when doing their own things without involving anyone. This doesn’t mean that they are unfaithful to their partners; it only indicates that they need partners who have an understanding character. They just need a partner who is trustworthy even when not always available.
Written rules in a relationship are not for them. Those of this life path have a duty to mingle a lot and socialize with others to find a partner of the same nature to match and make it in a relationship or else live in disappointment as a result of constantly breaking relationships. Despite the much strength of individuals under life path 5, several weaknesses come with it;

Being Multi talented is 5’s main weakness.

Though this may sound as strength, it’s a great weakness. One doesn’t know exactly what he/she can do best since they are good at many activities. They are always under procrastination. This is a dangerous characteristic since they end up living a life of confusion and lack of a sense of direction for their ambition. People in this category move from one job to another, without accomplishing their tasks.

5’S are considered Irresponsible.

Your irresponsibility is seen when you only concentrate on your own life and forget others thus end up hurting their feelings. You are never good at home or business life because of this attitude of not minding how others feel or what is best for them.

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