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Life path number 6

Life path number 6Life path 6

(6, 15/6, 24/6, 33/6)

Life Path 6 individuals are known to live for love, justice, truth, righteousness and domesticity. They are always caretakers or family heads whenever they go. The various strengths people in this category possess include;


They assume the most significant responsibilities are around their home and family where there is most domestic work. These people see through whatever is around them to completion. They ensure justice prevails in every area of their lives and of others. They bring people together to live in love and oneness.


People of life path 6 are generous. Above this, they want to feel useful and happy always. These people mostly love giving advice and support to others. Still, those under this category find it their role to serve other people and start in their home environment. These people mostly connect well with family and friends. They are always realistic about life.

Good leaders.

Those under this category show leadership by example through being responsible. They view it as their duty to bear others burden and be ready to help. Amazingly, they carry others’ loads and problems rather than their own. They are always there when needed. Often, they take ownership and often become an authority over a situation.

In relationships, these people are loyal and devoted. They are care-takers by nature and attract partners who are weaker and needier than themselves in order to take care of them. They believe in total harmony as the main spice to a good relationship. They mostly hate any stressful situation that would challenge their lifestyle. To their friends, they are very loyal and trustworthy, dominating and controlling.

Always Sympathetic

Those under this category show sympathy and are kind hear-ted. Still, they are generous with personal and material resources. They deny themselves for others out of sympathy. These peoples’ lives are usually driven by wisdom, balance and understanding. The negative of life path 6 is the fact that they at times may be;

The Laziest people in town

Those under this category get easily overwhelmed by responsibilities. They become a slaves to others especially friends and relatives. Mostly, they are so critical of others and are generally lazy.


Humility is not for people under this category. They show off a lot and impose their views in an interfering and meddling way.

Their rejection of responsibility leads to guilt since they often wonder what others think of them.

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