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Life path number 7

Life path number 7Life path 7

(7, 16/7, 25/7, 34/7)

All the credit for people that are keen observers, good analyst as well as investigators goes to an individual from Life path 7. Most of the people are likely to regard you as a first class thinker who has the ability to analyze situations quickly and make decisions that are on point or simply accurate. Just like you expect that everyone that woks around you is a perfectionist and has a critical eye.

If you are a Life Path 7 person, then a number of traits will be associated with you, some of the main ones include;

You’re regarded as Peaceful and Affectionate.

People view and think of you to be a highly affectionate soul. However, you at times tend to guard your connection. You cannot be lied to easily since you can detect deception as well as recognize individuals that are insincere easily. Despite the fact that you are affectionate, your list of friend is small, however, immediately your accept someone as your friend, then its friends for life.

You’re a prince of Charm

People view you as prince charming. You are a great individual with an amazing poise and quick wit. The fact that you posses some form of uniqueness in you makes you a more interesting character. However, you may not be the most social person in the room. People may consider your calmness as aloof but in real sense, it’s just a cover for your insecurity feelings.

You love Solitude;

Being alone doesn’t cause you trouble. You actually like it when you do not have to deal with the pressures of life. You most of the time observe that you take time off to be alone in order to reflect and be at peace with your inner self. You generally dislike crowds, noise and any form of distractions that may cause confusion.

Highly Knowledgeable.

People respect you on because of this. You have the ability to think critically and garner knowledge from any source that you can find. You do not simply accept anything that you find. Your focus is mainly on looking into a situation, analyzing it and coming up with a correct and independent judgement.

Spiritual Person.

7 happens to be a spiritual number that is used to represent certain from of spiritual wisdom. People under life path 7 have an inner guide that provides them with some sense of intuition. As a result, whatever position you take spiritually, you are most likely to cling to it for the rest of your life. This makes it hard for you to make any changes an issue that you have already made a decision on. Most of the time, you will find yourself relying heavily on your past experiences and rarely accepting someone else’s interpretation of things.

The dark side among people who belong to Life path 7 is the fact that once in a while, they become very pessimistic, quarrelsome, and secretive and lots of negative attitude.

Operating from the negative side of the 7 often produce an individual that is very selfish and spoiled. This could actually explain why most 7s prefer living alone.

On the brighter side, negative 7 is not usually the typical 7, it has some positive traits that mitigate the negative ones. This Life Path has several shifts of highs and lows. At times, having stable feelings may be not something that is hard to have.

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