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Top 10 Insane Unexplained Scientific Discoveries

Top 10 Insane Unexplained Scientific Discoveries

Our knowledge in science is constantly growing and will continue to grow as our society progresses. A lot of crazy things can be explained by science. But as for now, there are some things that science just can’t explain. Here are the top ten INSANE and UNEXPLAINED scientific discoveries

*Number 10: SIDS*
So, there’s this thing called Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Babies just suddenly die for no reason sometimes. We don’t know what’s going on.

*Number 9: The Big Bang – HOW?!*
The Big Bang is the “explosion” that most people believe created the universe. However, nobody can quite say what caused it. There have been theories, but there is no definite answer.

*Number 8: Life “Flashing” Before Your Eyes*
We’ve all seen it in movies: the protagonist is about to die, but suddenly the life of the person “flashes” before his eyes. Most scientists believe that it is your brain scanning itself for information, but as for now, the phenomenon is not recoverable.

*Number 7: The “Bloop”*
There’s a noise in the ocean that is ten times louder than any animal. They call it the “Bloop.” We do not know where it comes from, as the noise is too deep for us to investigate.

*Number 6: WHO AM I?!*
Now we all have probably done this at some point in our life. We look at ourselves from a third-person perspective and ask “why am I me?” What makes a person that person? “Why am I not that guy over there??” Science just doesn’t know.

*Number 5: The Hard Problem of Consciousnesses*
A lot of people have questioned what makes a person conscious. What’s going on in that person’s head? It’s easy to ask “is my red the same as your red?” But science may truly never be able to explain this problem.

*Number 4: Quantum Entanglement* Einstein called this “spooky at a distance.” *
Somehow, one particle knows what another particle does, even if it is somewhere completely different in the universe. It begs the question of what we perceive as reality.

*Number 3: How Did Mommy and Daddy Make Me?*
We don’t really know how a sperm can fertilize an egg. There has to be a fusion of the DNA, which means there has to be a protein that fuses them. We can’t find the protein.

*Number 2: The “Great Attractor” *
There is a force in the universe so strong that it is pulling entire GALAXIES towards it. Like thousands of them. That’s creepy.

*Number 1: The “WOW!” Signal*
On August 15, 1977, Jerry R. Ehman was working on a SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project at the Big Ear radio telescope in Ohio. Then he detected a radio signal. Small radio signals are usually normal for an astronomer, but this one was exceptionally LARGE. The signal is believed to have come from the globular cluster of M55 in the Sagittarius star formation. The signal lasted for a full seventy-two seconds but has not been detected again.

Thanks for reading this list! Hope you enjoyed hearing about all the creepy and mind-boggling explainable scientific discoveries!

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