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Love Compatibility Test. 100% Accurate Results

Click here for love quotesDid you know that names contain a huge amount of the information about character of the person? There is whole philosophy coming from the ancient times (numerology), which allows us to understand personality of different people by knowing only their names.

This is truly amazing and it allows us to understand if we have something in common with different people, this makes process of building relationships a lot more easier.

We came up with interesting application – “The Love Calculator”, which allows you to calculate percentage of chance that your relationship will work out.

Principle of the working is extremely simple, below type your name and the name of your crush (keep in mind that first box should contain male name and the second box should contain female name). After that click on the button which is located in the middle – “Click to calculate” and you will get your results.

Details about your results (which will be displayed in percentages) can be found right below the test itself.

0-30% – This range means the chances of success in your relationship are very low. You should maybe look for a better person.

31-60% – There is a very good chance that your feelings can be called true. Thus, you shouldn’t give up on this relationship.

61-90% – You are a very special couple. You should treasure this feeling called love.

91-100% – There’s no doubt that you both enjoy a special relationship and true love. There is nothing to test here. This is a special and beautiful feeling in the world. It is called eternal love.

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