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From ancient times, we were warned about Apocalypse, there are certain signs which can predict it, these signs in the most cases come from bible, but what other signs can we follow in order to prevent Apocalypse? Can we use science? Is it possible that our own inventions destroy us? Is it disease? Extinction of bees? Global warming?

There are many different possibilities, life is very fragile on our planet and humanity is still far away from being highly developed civilization, we lack wisdom, morality and knowledge, our economy and industry is totally based on oil and as you know oil sooner or later will end. By that time if we won’t be able to find ecologically clean and powerful energy source we will go back to Stone Age.

If we will manage to survive next 100-200 years, humanity will have better chance to survive, key to our success hides in interplanetary traveling, colonization of other planets and their moons which are rich with resources.

This is goal of humanity at the moment, but in order to achieve it, we will have to deal with couple of serious problems which can bring Apocalypse on our planet. Finding solutions to these problems is matter of life and death; you can find top 5 threats to human existence below.

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