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Since the dawn of time, people noticed that words do not represent only the simple element of writing or speech, but instead hold a much stronger, deeper power thanks to the fact that they transmit energy that can bridge distances in space and time every time they are used. When a word is spoken, it is in fact transmitted into vibrations that bring with it the same energy that propels them. This phenomenon is the crucial step in understanding the creation process that leads to magical effects.

While some people disprove of the notion of magic being real, the fact is that this occurrence is both real and very powerful. The Controllers, who are those who affect politicians and control their decisions, are more than aware that this magic works. Many Controllers practice this art and this is the reason why they are called the Dark Magicians, known for the fact that they use magic for their evil intentions. But, when it comes to Magic and the Power of Words, this is not the only possibility out there.

power of wordsWhat is Magic and how is it Defined
While the word magic is often used in everyday life, many do not know their original meaning. The word itself comes from three distinctive ancient languages. These include the Old French (magique), but also Greek (magikos) and Latin (magicus). In its oldest definitions that were preserved, the term “magic” was used to describe the occurrence of an art form that relies on influencing events in a way that they produce incredible results by employing natural forces that are hidden from plain sight. Simply put, magic is a way of using the forces of nature to control and direct its energy for the purpose of producing a desired effect.

Because of its connection with other natural phenomenon, magic has a strong tie with magnetic and even electrical energy. Interestingly, even the word “magnetic” carries the hidden word “magic” in it. This is can be clearly seen when the middle part of “net” is taken out from “magnetic”. This is no accident. The most powerful thing in existence is energy and those who learn how to direct and control it can become the most powerful individuals on the planet. This is also the reason why the Controllers or the Dark Magicians are focused on obtaining more and more control by using magic and the energy it wields.

magicHow is Magic Practiced
Magic as a secret art form is practiced along with words, but also geometries that hold a sacred power. The words used in magic rituals are those which produce sound of great power when they are spoken. These words and sounds also produce vibrations that have a certain pattern, and this pattern can be used to harness the power of magic. At the same time, sound can direct energy by containing frequencies that attract even more energy. These frequency patterns allow the attracted energies to flow in a manner that is fully controllable. As one of the building blocks of nature, sound can be used for the production of sacred structures and geometries. These same building blocks make up all of the matter in the universe.

The Potential of Words
With the notion that words carry an energy that can be directed, it is clear that the same sounds can have enormous power over the outside environment. By knowing what words carry what possibilities, a person can find out that words are more powerful than a sword. Here, by moving the letter “s” in front of the word “word”, the word “sword is produced and not by accident. All words in the English language can lead to a magic effect and Dark Magicians can use these against unknowing individuals.

vibrations and energy in words and speachFor example, in the US, going to a trial includes a “court”, the same word which is used in many sports (tennis course, basketball court), which implies that a trial is actually a place where a game is played. The same is true for the word “contract”, which can be separated into “con” and “tract”. “Con” means a swindle or a trick, while the word “tract” is used to describe a brief document created for the purpose of wider distribution. Combining these leads to the notion of a fraudulent document, which contract exactly is when they are made by many corporations or the government. Here, Magic and the Power of Words can be used to see through these tricks.

Effect on Magic on Your Life
Words often hurt and now you can see the reason for this. Some words might even cut so deep that they could be confused with real weapons like knives or swords. This is possible because they carry a vibration and an energy that causes this. Some vibration can penetrate deep inside your body, where they can either harm or heal you.

Using the power of words is a great responsibility and speaking them cause vibrations that reverberate through the entire planet and its magnetic field. By examining these facts, it is clear that words carry magical properties and the same can be directed. So, next time when you utter a desire or make a wish using spoken words, know that it is not only words, but also an energy. So be careful what you wish for because it might come to pass thanks to the vibration and the energy of the words themselves.

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