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“We never really die, our bodies just deteriorate while the conscious moves further into space,” says Robert Lanza, the third most renowned living scientist who is an expert in regenerative medicine. Claimed to have been part of a series of experiments in quantum mechanics and astrophysics, the scientist has recently obtained logical proof that states conscious is eternally unbound. His theories presume that intelligence governs the laws and constants of versatile forces that correspond to life in the universe. His eccentric blend has given birth to a new theory we call, Biocentrism, fundamental to the universe and that which occupies the cosmos.

Robert Lanza‘Consciousness is not the brain‘, which is a concept that physicist Freeman Dyson also believes to be true. From the grandest levels of science to the minute dimensions that make up the universe, it is believed that consciousness is not a construct, rising from the brain’s faculties. The eternal consciousness entwined with life, forms the basis of the universe, as Robert Lanza’s latest edition narrates in Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the keys to understanding the true nature of the universe.’ The dogma of quantum mechanics supporting this theory has made it quite a surprise to come by.

Biocentrism – Is Consciousness Ceaseless with Time

Technical proof exists that states consciousness is a part of science and persists in metaphysical form. Despite prior ignorance, consciousness manifests outsides the boundaries of space and time. In fact according to Lanza you cannot extinguish awareness because it no longer can be associated with the body. People might connect their mental awareness with the limited continuation of the body that occupies space. However consciousness if received can exist outside a physical medium. A metaphysical state is reclaimed by another physical entity in the form of consciousness slipping inside another body.

Quantum Mechanics Proves Consciousness Does Exist

While many scientists have rebuked the existence of consciousness as a separate entity and theorized emergence as non-existent, Lanza infers using quantum physical conditions that consciousness is an infinite phenomenon. It is irrational to conclude that brain retains consciousness and with the destruction of the body, it cannot exist. It is quite clear that if a person is reading this script, a form of awareness does exist. Quantum mechanics states that awareness is metaphysical and even if the brain dies as most doctors would say the matter inside is continuously recycled. Biocentrism

If you add up the mass of particles in a body, the total mass of particles equals total mass of the rock so if you consider the brain, consciousness adds up to a certain physical quantity. Energy functions in a similar path where metaphorically it is eternal. Consciousness can be considered a form of energy if it maintains physical properties therefore, it can neither be created nor destroyed simply transferred. So if consciousness is completely physical then it becomes inherent to energy. The omnipresence of consciousness in space is further attuned with the concept of parallel universes.

Multiple Universes – Consciousness in a Different Dimension

While the consciousness escapes from one body, it passes on to another body in a different universe. Lanza is one of the many scientists who supports the theory of multiple universes. Andrei Linde, scientist at Lebedev University of Physics postulated a theory that believed in the existence of parallel universe. The universe that is blown into spheres continues to create spheres, independent of each other but represent distinct physical conclusions. Non local events bridge the game between physics and physiology as the mysteries of consciousness are unraveled. Irrespective of where awareness originates from or where it finally concludes, it is not an imaginary subject.

The eternal ocean of creative energy that pervades the physical barriers of the brain makes consciousness an evolutionary paradigm. The simple explanation as Robert Lanza explains in his book is that consciousness is a feeling that cannot be measured. Death is an illusion transpired by man which means awareness can be acknowledged for its derivative character. Lanza who hails from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, South Carolina observes the intricacies of space and time to theorize Biocentrism as the life centre of universal existence.

ConsciousnessWhat You See is What You Perceive

A person who views a blue sky is told the color he/she is seeing is blue. But the cells in the brain can be changed to show a different color. Consciousness therefore is a form of awareness that interprets and alters what simple tools like ‘space‘ and ‘time‘ cannot. Consciousness is a higher evaluation of what the world truly is,’ says Lanza in one of his interviews.

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